Synergy Trace Fertiliser

Synergy Trace Fertiliser from Crown Fertilisers

By: Crown Fertilisers  22-Oct-2013
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Year round, high availability, multi-trace nutrient for all sports turf applications. SYNERGY ensures optimum growth and yield quality by correcting trace nutrient deficiencies. Trace Nutrients get used, but not replenished causing “hidden hunger”, meaning no visible signals, just lower yield and poorer health. Trace nutrients in SYNERGY help to create Coenzymes with proteins to initiate many functions within the plant, including the assimilation of nutrient applications catering to the plant’s physiological needs. - High Analysis - Eliminates Deficiencies - Supports Healthy Growth - Replenishes Trace Nutrients - High Availability - Foliar Uptake Nitrogen (N) Nitrogen is required in the highest quantity of all the nutrients, it can be absorbed by plants in either nitrate (NO3-) or ammonium (NH4+) forms. Nitrogen is found in amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll and genetic material and is required in the highest concentration in plant parts that are actively growing such as young leaves, flowers, fruits and root tips. If Nitrogen is deficient, plant growth will be stunted and older leaves will pale or yellow. Sulfur (S) Sulfur is part of every living cell. It is required for manufacturing chloroplasts and the synthesis of some amino acids and proteins. Sulfur is also important in photosynthesis and crop winter hardiness. Leguminous plants need sulfur for efficient nitrogen fixation. Deficiencies may result in reduced growth in leaves and thin brittle stems. Magnesium (Mg) Magnesium has many roles, however the greatest is in chrolophyll molecule, required for photosynthesis. Plants that are deficient in magnesium will display interveinal chlorosis of older mature leaves. Iron (Fe) Iron is involved in the production of chlorophyll, and is necessary for photosynthesis. It is also an enzyme cofactor, associated with energy transfer, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation. Iron uptake decreases in alkaline soils (high pH), and plants with iron deficiencies mainly manifests in interveinal chlorosis (yellowing between veins) due to the low levels of chlorophyll, beginning first in the younger leaves. Extreme cases may result in almost white leaves. Zinc (Zn) Zinc is required in a large number of enzymes and plays an essential role in DNA transcription. Like most micronutrients, zinc uptake by plants decreases with increased alkalinity. A typical symptom of zinc deficiency is the stunted growth of leaves, commonly known as “little leaf” and is caused by the oxidative degradation of growth hormone auxin. Delayed maturity is another symptom of zinc-deficient plants. SYNERGY TRACE DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Cereals, Grains, Cotton: Dilute at 1:50 parts water, mixing well. Foliar spray 5L/HA bi-monthly or as required or as required to maintain vitality. Use higher rates for high yielding crops. Fruit Trees, Olives, Avocados, Pome: Dilute at 1:250 parts water. Foliar spray 4L/HA pre-flowering monthly or as required to maintain trace element levels. NOT for stone fruit. Vines, Vegetables: Dilute at 1:250 parts water, mix well with BIO WETTA. Foliar spray 3L/HA Greens & Tees: Dilute at 1:50 parts water. Foliar spray 100ml/100Sq.M monthly. Fairways & Sports Turf: Dilute at 1:50 parts water, mixing well. Foliar spray 5L/HA bi-monthly or as required. Gardens & Trees: Dilute at 1:250 parts water. Foliar spray 4L/HA pre-flowering as required. NOT for stone fruit. Above rates for foliar. For fertigation, double rates, use BIO CHARGE humic. When applying in alkaline conditions, double water.

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