N-Zyme Liquid Septic Treatment

By: Astro Eco Tech  22-Oct-2013
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Biodynamic Microbe & Enzyme Powered Septic Cleaner The cost effective method of removing odours from septic systems and keeping drains clear whilst saving on pump-out costs. N-Zyme is a biotechnical device powered by microscopic organisms and enzymes that works fast at cleaning. It’s highly adapted micro-organisms actually eat the sludge in septic systems. N-Zyme is useful in breaking down the sludges, oils and greases that infamously clog pipes and septic systems. N-Zyme contains a range of nutrients and dispersants to magnify the results by multiplying organism levels and aiding in the breakdown of larger particles in solution. HOW N-ZYME WORKS: N-Zyme is designed to be used firstly as a general cleaner, then washed down the drains after use. N-Zyme’s 3 phase system then begins to work by breaking down solidified fats. Via a chemical process, the dispersants present in N-Zyme break the solids into smaller particles, which the enzymes can then attack more readily. The enzymes then in turn convert them into simpler materials at the atomic level, most of which can be easily dissolved in water or consumed by microbes. N-Zyme 3 Phase System - Dispersants break down large grease/fat solids into particles - Enzymes break down particles into safe, simple materials - Micro-organisms digest simple materials giving eco-friendly results N-ZYME FEATURES - Completely bio-degradable and non-toxic - Reduced need for pump-outs - Bad smells disappear – not just masked - Multi-purpose natural cleaner - Safe around children, pets and plants N-ZYME COMMON APPLICATIONS - SEPTIC TANKS - LEACH DRAINS - GREASE TRAPS - TOILETS - BATHROOMS - AND FLOORS

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