Diatomaceous Earth - Natural Insect and Pest Control

By: Fossilpower  25-Apr-2012
Keywords: Flea Control, Termites, Detox

How It Works As a Natural Flea Killer and Against Other Insects

The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth as a physical insecticide has been confirmed throughout the world – for example by both the CSIRO and Queensland DPI in alone. It has two modes of action.

The tiny diatoms are razor sharp, getting caught in and abrasively rupturing insect cuticles, an effect that is especially lethal to small insects making it a natural flea killer. This then allows the desiccant properties of DE – due to its high silica content - to take effect, drawing out the insect’s moisture causing them to die of dehydration.

Controlled studies have proven the efficacy of diatomaceous earth not just as a natural flea killer, but for a wide range of applications against both insects and intestinal parasites.

As long as a bug comes into physical contact with the powder they will eventually die.  Some bugs, like caterpillars die almost instantly, while others with harder exoskeletons may take a few hours, or days to succumb.  But, patience is well worth the health and safety benefits.
This ancient substance is truly a modern day natural treasure-a safer and simple solution to our everyday insecticidal needs of eliminating bugs. 

Feed grade Diatomaceous Earth can be safely used in the home and garden around children and pets. It also has many other novelty uses;
* instead of baking soda to deodorise  kitty  litter,  shoes, refrigerators, vacuum cleaner bags and garbage bins. 
* soak up motor oil spills
* soothe bug bites and bee stings
* kill fleas, ticks and lice
* resists mold and moisture
* metal polisher when moistened
* preserves leaves and dried flower arrangements
* Increase egg production in fowls
* elimination scours and intestinal parasites
* protect grains and seeds in storage
* Face scrubs and masks

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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth a Natural Pest that can control insects and pests, internal worms and can detoxify and improve wellbeing with 15 trace minerals.