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Professional carpet cleaning from Moisture Control Services

By: Moisture Control Services  14-Sep-2011
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 Professional Carpet Care Technicians

To approach all carpets, stains, rugs and upholstery with care, we need to develop a thorough understanding of different carpet fibres, constructions, soils, chemical and the various cleaning methods. This way we can make professional choices to suit the carpet we are cleaning.

and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides this knowledge and expertise, coupled with experience, is what separates a Carpet Cleaner from a MCS Professional Carpet Cleaning Technician. The IICRC is an independent training body where participants must pass a written exam before certification is granted. This training complies with Australian Standards (AS3733-1995) providing further customer comfort in selecting your desired service provider.
(1) Standard Carpet inspection to assess fibre, condition and review spots / stains.
(2) Carefully remove furniture (chairs, tables, lounge suites and beds on castors).
(3) Apply suitable hot conditioning agent including deodorizer with consideration of spots. If stain removal is required this will be extra to our quoted price.
(4) Steam extraction using powerful truck mount with excellent vacuum and lift for cleaner and drier carpets. Where access is not possible for a truckmount, MCS will use one of our powerful commercial portable machines which delivers an excellent result.
(5) Deodorize carpet.
(6) Replace furniture on protective plastic tabs / blocks to prevent staining of carpet (e.g. where base of furniture is timber or metal).                    
Extra services available:
(A) Pre-vacuum with Industrial grade upright with HEPA filter (improves cleaning of carpet).
(B) Groom carpet to remove cleaning marks, facilitates more rapid drying as the pile is left standing and maximizes appearance.
(C) Advance stain resistant treatment - scotchguard.  

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