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Carpet repairs from Moisture Control Services

By: Moisture Control Services  14-Sep-2011
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MCS has the experience and skills to repair your carpet when required. This can include split seams, bubbling, re-stretching and trimming, re-glue vinyl skirting strips, inserting a carpet patch, stairwell carpet repairs and carpet lifting requiring replacement / re-gluing of smoothedge which attaches the carpet to the floor.

Bonded inserting ( patch)

The most common types of carpet repairs MCS are called upon to carry out are inserting patches to replace worn or damaged sections of carpet, stair carpet repairs and repairs to faulty carpet joins.

Common problems would include cigarette burns, iron burns, bleach, red wine, pet stains, tears and rips etc.

Repairing carpets in this way involves cutting out the affected area and then replacing it with a spare piece of carpet which has been cut to fit. The carpet repair is then glued (heat tape) into position.

Clearly, you will need to have a spare piece of carpet available for this type of carpet repair. This can often be accomplished by taking a section out of the cupboard.

Stair Carpet Repair

Loose stair carpet can sometimes be repaired simply by refitting the carpet back onto the carpet gripper underneath. In other cases, MCS may need to lift and refit the carpet completely in order to leave the stair carpet repair in a safe condition.

Repairing Carpet Joins

Your carpet joins might have split or perhaps the carpet has come away from the metal joining strip under the door. With split seams these can sometimes be repaired by being broken open and re-seaming.

Carpets that have come away from door bars can be repaired sometimes by stretching and some times by fitting slightly wider door bars.


The most common carpet burn is when a cigarette butt burns the carpet. If the burn is small, the burnt carpet fibres can be cut with scissors. For larger burns (e.g. iron burn), you may need to have a patch inserted.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is needed when your carpets are loose and "baggy."

Our customers will often describe carpets that need stretching as being "wrinkled" or sometimes as being "wavy".

The correct term for this condition is "fullness" and is usually rectified by having the carpet stretched by a professional carpet fitter.

Usually this will involve MCS taking the carpet up around the edges, carrying out the carpet stretching by using a knee kicker carpet stretcher and then re-fitting the carpet and trimming off the surplus carpet. In extreme cases it may be better for us to use a carpet power stretcher in order to get a good result.

In either case the objective with carpet stretching is to prevent premature wear, reduce any tripping hazard and to improve as much as possible the unsightly appearance of the affected carpet.

Keywords: Carpet Repairs

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