Ask your genes what you need to eat to be healthy

Ask your genes what you need to eat to be healthy from Minaqua - Healthy Genes - Brisbane

By: Minaqua - Healthy Genes - Brisbane  02-Aug-2016
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Essential Nutrients - VITAMIN B9 Vitamin B9 - also known as folate, or folic acid, is crucial for your metabolism, healthy blood, DNA synthesis, and it is also an important factor which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. One of the best-known and most important enzymes, which ensure an appropriate B9 vitamin level, is MTHFR. A mutation can occur within the gene that determines this enzyme. This can greatly influence the vitamin B9 level. MTHFR enzyme is sensitive to temperature and thus less active in people who are carriers of an unfavourable variant of the gene, resulting in lower vitamin B9 level. It has been discovered that every unfavourable copy of the MTHFR gene markedly reduces the vitamin B9 level. In case you are the carrier of one of the unfavourable copies of the gene, it is highly recommended that you adjust your diet to achieve optimal health. Learn more about your MTHFR gene and other requirements for essential nutrients with:

Keywords: Food, Health Foods, Health Supplements, Lose Weight, Vitamin, Vitamin B

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