Card Reading

By: Tracey Rhodes  08-Oct-2016

I work with an array of cards helping you to see and know your next step forward. What makes my readings different from other people is that I help you to access your own spiritual gifts by tapping into your own wisdom. I help to show you how to open your vision to your truth, and let go of what is stopping your from living the life you dream of. Something you can use for the rest of your life. You already have the knowledge you just need to remember. These sessions are healing, informative, loving and full of the purest wisdom. Readings are performed in Person or on Skype worldwide.

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Full Whammy

If you have been feeling stuck and unsure which way to turn or what to do next this helps you to shed some vibrational density that is holding onto past pains, hurts, lives, stress and fearA full whammy is an extravaganza of vibrational re-patterning. We work with sound, chant, liquid light language, generational healing, past life healing resulting in physical and some physical changes. This is a journey of self discovery where you are guided to release the density within that is ready to b

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Online Meditations

Online meditations to change your vibration, access your intuition and healing power and feel much lighter and more peaceful. Mp3 downloadable recordings to listen forever!

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Transformation with Sound

Brand new sound healing modality receive your sound blessing from crystal singing bowls, light language, intonation, musical instruments and voice purification feel the healing power flow through every cell of your being … into your cells … into your emotions and into your soul.