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By: Ocean.Groups Pty Ltd  01-Jul-2011
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A Search Engine is a web site that collects and organizes content from all over the internet. Those wishing to locate something would enter a query about what they'd like to find and the engine provides links to content that matches what they want. Search Engine advertising includes sponsorships, Pay-For-Placement (PFP) advertising, and maybe contextual advertising. Search Engine advertising generally follows a PFP model.

Pay and you're guaranteed top placement in a Search Engine's results both on the search site and within its distribution network as long as your ads and landing pages meet quality guidelines. As regards real estate, millions of searches are done each day on multiple Search Engines for search queries like "Sydney carpet cleaning", or "Sydney NSW carpet cleaning". The Search Engine returns results for carpet cleaning related sites and content for the Sydney, NSW area in this case. The sites are ranked by an algorithm which is highly secret and based on complex formulas. These formulas are also changed frequently by the engines.

Ocean Search Engines also index the content of a large portion of the Web and provide results that can run for pages and consequently overwhelm the user. One of the most widespread beliefs about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is Search Engine advertising equals search marketing.

If you want to run an advertising campaigns on any Search Engine then you must be specialize in Search Engine Marketing for better results. So get visible through Ocean Search and Book your promotion spot Ocean Groups offers services Australia wide, We've helped thousands of Australian businesses get online with professional websites and managed PPC or Sponsor campaigns.

We'll custom your online advertising and internet marketing needs specifically to your business using our experience and wealth of knowledge in all industries.

Keywords: Search Engine, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Optimization

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