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By: RUBBLECO  28-Jan-2013
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Fixing your Business Operational Procedures “What do you mean you would rather perform a heart-lung transplant upon yourself?” Operational Procedures are often the nemesis of many business owners. Sitting down to nut out systems, procedures, and documentation in general can be an awesome prospect second to cutting off one’s own leg! However, as in most feared tasks to be completed, the thought is far worse than the act itself. Infact, my experience is that business owners (due to the final victory and exhilaration share by all individuals involved) revel in the completion of this seemingly unendurable task are gob-smacked with surprise at how easy and effectual it actually was. Elated at finally conquering a task one thought even Sir Edmond Hillary would go around. So dreaded has been the thought that one would prefer to clean out the house gutters with a hairdryer or cut the lawn with a tiny pair of nail clippers – YUK. I’m bored and disillusioned just thinking about it. The task itself of fixing your business operational procedures is generally quite easy. It is your negative mindset and giant procrastination that is the impenetrable barrier. Once completed, business never looks the same again. Statistics are now able to be sourced and reported for quick and easy decision-making. All stakeholders are informed and well directed, data for marketing research evolves over time and takes the form of a crystal ball (yes there is such thing as magic). But there’s more, much more. Sooner than later your business begins an evolution, a morphing into a serious market contender. Your business will start to even look different to everyone in it and dealing with it. It becomes very obvious to all that this business is well run and worthy of dealing with. People love success and they love dealing with successful businesses. How is this achieved? It is simply and easily executed by starting at the beginning and calmly working through firstly the trouble areas then all those you may suspect (however possibly are not) working efficiently. Your expectations of quality, efficiency and profitability will go through the roof! Here are some (far from all) familiar areas you may recognise. ► Job descriptions - for everyone to know what is expected of them! ► Memos – for interoffice communications and continued reference! ► KPI’s – for those you pay for results! ► Statistical recording – the life blood of your business ► USP development – never be in business without one ► Sales Plan Development – never leave the office without one ► Department Reports to Senior Managers/ Directors or the board – did we achieve out targets, our budgets and if not why not. If so, why so? ► Incident Reports – recorded, reported and handled legitimately to avoid liability ► Bulletins – for technical communication, instruction and continued reference ► Organisational Chart – does everyone know who to report to? ► Meetings – that don’t reinvent the wheel or a camel ► Time management study and reporting of your business production processes ► Department Budgeting and reporting ► And lots more… I assure you, this stuff is easy and it works. It’s just like getting ducks in a row – one behind the other, not side by side. Get Help Now – Contact RUBBLECO today on +617 33723717 or email to [email protected]

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