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By: Voices From Heaven  09-Sep-2016
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Testimonials " When the reading started I didn't know what to expect, it was my first reading. When Tracy connected with my mother in-law her voice changed it sounded like her the way she use to speak, I was able to get answers to questions that had been on my mind for years. Then I received message from other loved ones and my beautiful Mum was able to communicate with me Brilliant." Joe " I have had readings before but no-one had connected with my husband before, Tracy was able to connect with my late husband giving his description and passing on messages and information about him that no else knew, that really helped me to move forward in my life. " Lynn "Tracy came to my house to do a reading and seen my Mum sitting in a red dress in my lounge room WOW! I always felt mum was around me but to have her described to me and in a red dress, that was one of her favourites. Tracy also smelt my grandmothers favourite soap Imperial leather" Tori I was sitting beside Tracy at a party and after a short amount of time we started to speak and then Tracy said "I have to tell you something there is someone around you a man, he is giving me a pain in the back of the head lower left side" I was shocked I felt there was someone around me and could feel that my energy was low, I have been seeing a mans face sometimes in dreams it was a friend from school years ago and he died from a head injury" Sharon I had a phone reading from Tracy I was nervous at first but when I relaxed Tracy described my garden at my house, and answered some questions that I had prepared for her about a holiday, health and pets. Then told me "Your mum said that she gave you that bedspread to use" I laughed it was true my mum gave me a patchwork bed spread but I did not have it on the bed it was in the cupboard because it didn't go with my decor. Since then I have washed the bedspread and placed it on the spare bed, guests comment about how nice it is all the time. Mandy Tracy is a friend of a friend and came to my house to drop off something for a mutual friend, I met her at the car Tracy gave me the parcel then said "Just be careful of your little dog when I reverse the car" "OMG my dog died a year ago and I often wondered if he was still around me" Diane

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