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By: Psychic Tarot Clairvoyant Readings  14-Oct-2011
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“Here I am in Brisbane, Australia just 3 months after Grace told me I was moving to a warmer climate and that my career would take off. I have been surprised at how fast things are happening for me over here and everything she said would happen is beginning to happen. I am so happy and most impressed with Grace’s guidance.” Sally, Brisbane

“Grace has helped me through some challenging times accurately pointing out the ways for me to navigate my way through troubles. I now face a much positive future with her help. I highly recommend you become one of her treasured clients like me.” Daisy, London

"Gracegave me an exceptional tarot reading. She has very clear insight and perception of exactly where I was at and what I needed to do. It was a very specific and precise reading that accurately pinpointed the issues and the solutions to them. it gave me clear direction with exact actions I need to take to sort things out in my life. I will definately be back for more. I highly recommend you give her a call." Joy, Gold Coast

"I'm Dr Ross Perry and I work as a holistic vet and bird specialist. Grace helped me focus on  prioritising issues such as those relating to our new house, setting up consulting rooms on the Gold Coast. She also gave me some information on completing and marketing a series of bird books, running seminars and webinars, and servicing and educating bird carers around the world via my Facebook fan page. I must say Wow! I got more than I bargained for. Lots of challenges were foretold especially if we were to pursue a previous proposed course of action, yet by changing priorities and planning I now have high hopes for great success with all my projects in due course. I was given clear focus and direction and some important insights that have changed the way I perceive and understand aspects of humanity including myself. Wonderful stuff. A big thanks to Grace. I can highly recommend a reading with her." Dr Ross Perry, Gold Coast

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