Feedback by Clients

By: Energy Renewal  27-Jul-2011
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I am very grateful to John for the beautifully written readings he did for me, my mum and my daughter. The reading for myself was a big turning point in my life and it dawned on me what I am here to do and learn. Actually reading it the first time filled me with amazement, excitement and a 'knowing'. I gained insight and a sense of 'reason' for a lot of the events, experiences and situation that have been in my life. I use the chart now as one of my 'tools' when making decisions or making sense of things. It has been great to develop a deeper understanding of my daughter, her character and her path. Thank you John for your time and dedication and love." (Natasha Hodkinson)

"Dear Jack,

I thought that your reading was spot on. I wanted you to tell me about my relationship with my children and what we mean to each others life. I felt that what you said was exactly how the dynamics are with my children. I often wondered what the purpose of our lives together meant, now I know thanks to you." (Rowena)

"Jack's reading confirmed the direction I've been wanted to take in life and gave me the confidence to go
ahead" (Eryn)

"Dear Jack
Your reading telling me what was my life lesson and my purpose has been really beneficial for me. Your reading convinced me my purpose was healing others and this is what I have done. It brings me joy and continues to bring me joy as well as the understanding of my children as they go through the various changes in their life. Light and Love" (Jenny)

“John’s numerology readings have meant more to me than just trifle numbers and pretty words, it has been guidance and inspiration for my daily life. His regular readings have helped me through past and present dilemmas, prepared me for future challenges, and shown me the light ahead when I felt helpless.   He has been more than just a healer of my ethereal self, he has become a confidant and friend as well.”  (Jade)

 I was so overwhelmed with my reading, you never think you want to know what life will bring however when my life lesson was explained to me I was able to understand myself with clarity and move on with my future.  Anna

 John,  I was sceptical when my wife made an appointment for me to have a tarot/numerology reading, however one word to describe this experience “ Remarkable”.  Cheers Peter

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