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Rapid Labeling System from Rapid Software

By: Rapid Software  23-Oct-2010
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So why use the ‘Rapid Labeling System’ (RLS) V2 by Rapid Software?


  • Time - First of all, the time taken to manually write out labels for shipment far exceeds the time taken by RLS. In fact to reproduce just 10 labels even when using printed templates, can take up to 5+ minutes, whereas RLS can print the labels in less than 30 seconds. Multiply that by the volume of labels that your company produces and the labour savings are huge.
  • Accuracy – The requirement for business’s to maintain a high level of accuracy is no issue for RLS, as the customer information is stored within the RLS database. Users only need to enter information once for each consignment note, this will ensure that all labels for that order will be the same.
  • Manifest Creation – RLS also creates the manifest for you and the transport company and it even emails it to them direct. This means that as soon as you have a shipment ready, you can create the manifest and the carrier will receive notification immediately. There is no need to remember to phone, fax or email manually.
  • POD/Con Note Creation – RLS also creates the Proof of Delivery (POD) forms for each consignment at the touch of a button. As RLS stores all information regarding consignments in its own database, the information required to create POD’s is already there. Just one click and all your POD’s are printed.
  • Shipment Dimensioning – RLS also handles your weights and dimensions for your shipments. You only have to enter the dimensions and weights when creating the manifest and it places the information, including a summation of data on the manifest.
  • Statistical Information – RLS also keeps track of the Consignment information, meaning you can quickly find out how many consignments and labels you have printed over any given period. You can use this to determine cost savings RLS has provided as well as product flow.
  • Cost – The cost of RLS V2 is insignificant to the potential savings. RLS V2 is currently priced at $2,200 + GST and with it’s small yearly licence renewal of $295, it makes it the most cost effective warehouse labelling software on the market. Also included in the licence renewal is access to all updates to the software, ensuring you have the latest updates and upgrades to the program.
  • Automatic Updates – RLS V2 also comes with ‘RLS Smart Update’. There is no need to download updates and install them yourself, as the program does it for you.
  • Customisation – As Rapid Software developes and owns the software code, we can tailor the program to suit your needs. If you need an extra report, or a change to the layout of the existing labels or reports, no problem. You just contact us, outlining what you want and will quote you a price make the changes, and better yet, if we decide that your request will benefit other customers, there is no charge.
  • Future Software – Rapid Software is constantly looking at developing complete software solutions, giving customers the ability to utilise one system to perform all their invoicing, labelling and stock control needs. We are currently in the development phase of the ‘Rapid Courier System’ (RCS), which will give even greater communication and accuracy between RLS clients and couriers.
Future Proof - Future releases of software, developed by Rapid Software, will have the ability to communicate with existing Rapid Software programs, there will be no requirement to replace the existing program.

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