Chlorine free spa and pool chemicals

Keywords: Spa, Water Treatment, Pool Chemicals

We are selling a non-chhlorine spa and pool sanitiser, that is australian made. this product is great for people with skin disorders, great for allergy sufferers and even good for the environment.
The product has been around for a number of years in NSW, and has been marketed by others but at the end of the day, we are selling this  direct from the manufacturer not revamped or tampered with in any way.
With this stuff there is no add ons and it is not recommended to add anything with it, all we are about is to try and keep it simple and effective and of course helping you to have a spa or pool without the nasty chemical side effects
They come in a 3 x  250ml pack of bottles and a 125ml bottle , all instructions and of course total back up, the kits are priced at $80:00 plus postage, please check our website

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