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By: Out and About Healthcare  01-Oct-2015
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Out and About Healthcare stocks the largest range of mobility scooters and supplies the whole of Australia. We stock travel mobility scooters, folding mobility scooter, portable mobility scooters, mid-size mobility scooters (great for family outings!), large mobility scooters and semi-all terrain mobility scooters. A quick phone call with one of our trained specialists will enable you to find the perfect mobility scooter for your needs! Keep reading for a quick description of each category of mobility scooters, then visit our website to view our full range, or call us on 1300 366 545 for a free brochure! Travel Mobility Scooters These mobility scooters are ideal for adventure lovers. They are compact and feature plane-safe lithium batteries, allowing you to take your mobility scooter on the plane! The compact size enables the mobility scooter to move through cruise ships easily! Shopping Foldable/Portable Mobility Scooters Love to visit the shops but find it difficult to walk the distance of the shopping centre, and can't fit your large mobility scooter in the car? The shopping mobility scooters are ideal as they are compact and fold easily for the car. Out and About Healthcare has a range of portable mobility scooters to suit all needs. Some of our portable mobility scooters fold in seconds - ideal for the time poor. Others are pull a parts and are great for family picnics. Mid-Size Scooters Our mid-size scooters are the perfect middle ground for anyone wanting a scooter that's large enough to get them further than a small scooter, but isn't one of our large, beast models. Our range of mid-size scooters are the comfort models, especially if you or your loved one is nervous about driving a mobility scooter. They have enough grunt to get you outside the home, or nursing home, and back into nature. Depending on your location, the mid-size mobility scooter range at Out and About Healthcare can get you to the local shopping centre, going for a stroll around the lake, or out on a family day. Large Mobility Scooters Ahhh, the large mobility scooters. Out and About Healthcare's range of large mobility scooters are designed to get tongues wagging. Unlike other brands, we stock mobility scooters with sleek designs that look fashionable. Our range of Large Mobility Scooters are ideal for those who have recently lost the ability to drive their car. They're powerful enough to get you to the shops, visit your friends, or go on long adventures through nature. The large wheels on the large mobility scooters are designed to get you through a range of locations. Our range of large mobility scooters are for the elite, wanting something that is stylish to replace their car. Semi-All Terrain Mobility Scooters Similar to our large mobility scooters, our semi-all terrain beast mobility scooters are sleek and stylish, but have the added extra of being able to travel across a range of terrain. These mobility scooters can travel on hard sand, over uneven ground, and through the more rugged parts of nature. Just like a 4WD cars are to the normal car - taking them off-road - the semi-all terrain mobility scooters will take YOU where you need to go! View our full range of semi-all terrain mobility scooters and videos on Out and About Healthcare's website Note: Contact Out and About Healthcare to discuss the capabilities of the semi-all terrain mobility scooter before attempting unsafe terrain. This is still a mobility scooter, which means you can't drive it through water (it's electric), over soft sand (it will get bogged - like a car would) and over loose rocks or large drops (this is self-explanatory, but if you're confused contact us to explain why).

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