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By: AquaGas Pty Ltd  27-Oct-2015
Keywords: Environmental Protection, Gas Detection, Wastewater & Treatment

Gas leak detection Minimise the risk of exposure, explosion, or loss of product with a gas leak detection programme that ensures that all areas, pipes, valves, and pumps are regularly checked. AquaGas can provide portable gas leak detectors, survey monitors, area gas monitors and fixed gas detection systems for a comprehensive, real-time gas detection programme in compliance with F-gas regulations. Breathing air quality Compressed air within breathing air lines or cylinder respirators are required to be tested within the international standards set by EN 12021 and AS 1715:2009 Appendix A to ensure a supply of good breathing air quality and a safe working environment. A1-CBiss Breathing Air quality test kit complies with the requirements and guidelines AS 1715:2009 which sets out the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment requirements and provides guidelines for respiratory protection (RPE). Controlled atmosphere A controlled atmosphere is an atmosphere in which oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen concentrations, as well as temperature and humidity are regulated. AquaGas’ product range includes analysers specifically designed to handle the controlled atmosphere monitoring requirements in a wide range of applications including storage, agricultural, scientific research and manufacturing industries.

Keywords: Analysers - Process, Environmental Protection, F Gases, Fluorinated Gases, Gas Detection, Gas Detector, Gas Monitors, Ggas, Rafrigerant Gas, Refrigerant, Sample Analysers, Wastewater & Treatment,

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SERES analyser are designed for automatic and continuous monitoring of one or several parameters amongst a large range of chemical compounds. Thanks to SERES patented concept of using a combination of analytical methods (Colorimetry, Titrimetry and Potentiometry, or selected absorption) the online analysers allow accurate, reliable, and flexible online analysis in a wide range of samples and applications.

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AquaGas Pty Ltd is a system integration company with more than 15 years of experience in the sphere of environmental monitoring. Our instruments and systems cover a wide range of applications within, but not limited to, the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Energy Industries. Working with the strong support of a suppliers’ network composed of industry leading manufacturers, AquaGas Pty Ltd introduces high performance and cost-effective technologies enabling reliable and accurate environmental monitoring.