Malcolm arrives at the clinic...

By: Kahuna Bliss  13-Mar-2015
Keywords: Relaxation

Malcolm came in with major stresses to his body and mind. He has a very busy week day and is self employed. Unfortunately his tensions accumulate every day as he tends to phone calls and problem solving skills to keep everything running smoothly. This takes its toll and finally he rings for his massage. " He flops on the table and heaves a sigh, relieved to be on the table at last. You know I really deserve this" he says." Great, so glad to see you" I reply. He has quite a few areas to work on; his shoulder has been really painful lately as well as his lower back. I launch into the massage knowing how to resolve most of his issues. After a while he sighs again and says, Oh I can really feel that loosening and later on, I feel really open. His massage is way overdue but I'm so happy to see he has made this time in his schedule. Life is about balance, don't give out more than you receive. Give to yourself and you will be able to help others as your tank is not empty. Fill up with good feelings,,,, Many blessings to you. Aloha.

Keywords: Relaxation

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