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By: The Canine Classroom  09-Jan-2013
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At The Canine Classroom we offer owners a very unique dog training experience. We tailor all of our training packages around each individual dog to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved. We do not follow a 'one glove fits all' approach and invite all prospective members to attend our FREE First Timer session. This is a no obligation introductory session alloowing you to come along to one of our training centres to meet us, learn more about what it is we do as well as participate in a personalised temperament assessment of your dog. If you are happy with our course options and would like to enrol your dog into a training program once you've participated in First Timers - great! Our members are not locked into time period courses are asked to pay for course after course or class after class. Once you enrol in your designated course you can attend as often as you like for as long as you need to achieve your goal - that's our Training Guarantee to you. Our training methods are based on modern science and follow a truly 'balanced' approach. Be warned as many dog trainers these days are promoting and pushine what is called 'purely positive' training which is designed to lead the dog owner into thinking that they use only positive reinforcement training when in fact they don't. These same trainig organisations are using negative reinforcement (a form of compulsion) every time they ask you to put your dog on a collar, head collar or harness with lead and they also use negative punishment, whereby the dog is denied something that it values when it does the wrong thing. At The Canine Classroom we embrace ALL 4 quadrants of what's called the motivation matrix and we will show you to use these techniques correctly and appropriately for your dog, based on their behaviour, temperament, age, skill level, etc. Dog training should be fun, so our classes are not structured/rigid obedience sessions where you will be marched up and down a field having instructions yelled at you. ALL of our trainers are certified through the National Dog Trainers Federation and will educate you on how to train your dog, giving guidance and instruction as you learn and participate. We focus heavily on activities to build up three other VERY important elements of your dogs learning: - Social Skills - Confidence Development - Impulse Control Finally, it is critically important to begin your dogs socialisation and confidence development from as young an age as possible. We take puppies in for training from 8 weeks of age onwards, as they are in what is referred to the 'CRITICAL period of Socialisation' where they learn how to deal with and cope with things they will encounter in the human world. This does not simply refer to interaction with other dogs and people but with literally everything you could imagine your dog encountering during its life. Here is a very brief list of things to consider (but there are literally hundreds and hundreds more); bikes, skateboards, scooters, footballs, basket balls, wheelie bins, party poppers, wheel burrows, chain saws, vaccuum cleaners, juicers & blenders, trucks, trains, other animals such as cats, birds, horses, and so on and so on. Our puppy program is specifically split in to two programs, Puppy 1 & Puppy 2 based on age and temperament so we can guide you through this incredibly important phase of your new dogs life. So what's stopping you? Give us a call, send us an email, check us out on Facebook or Youtube and book yourself in today to come along to our FREE First Timer session to find out more.

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