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By: Run Away Bugs Pest Control  16-Feb-2016
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Ants are notoriously difficult to control. Ants are happiest in warm, sunny climates, so the year-round pleasant climate on the Sunshine Coast is ideal for ants to thrive. Ant nests can be located anywhere around your house – in lawns, walls, tree stumps, even under your foundations. A small pile of dirt in your garden can be an indication you have an ants nest, or the more obvious tell-tale sign of an ant trail in or around your home. Ant colonies can live a relatively long time, with queen ants living as long as 15 years. A regular colony can number up to 500,000 ants, and entire colonies will quickly relocate when threatened. Ants enter your home through the tiniest of cracks. Seeking out water, sweet, or greasy food, they will travel long distances to find a food source and leave an invisible pheromone trail for others to follow once they locate one. If you discover an ant trail in your kitchen, prompt treatment is advisable. Most over-the-counter ant control products only kill the ants you see, and they don’t allow for the various species of ants that require different treatments. Feel free to contact Matt on: 0421 333 325 or chech out his website for more information:

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