SBDC Releases Native IPv6 for all it Broadband Users

By: Smelly Black Dog  15-Jun-2013
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Smelly Black Dog Internet is proud to announce that the company has signed up for Simtronic Technologies new wholesale broadband service as an early adopter, and by doing so has access to the Simtronic IPv6 Transit. Colleen Scafe (Director of Smelly Black Dog) states that the company chose Simtronic Technologies over other providers, as Simtronic Technologies is a technologically progressive company and shares the same goals as Smelly Black Dog. Smelly Black Dog Internet now provides IPv6 access for not only business but for all broadband users in all parts of Australia. This means that for all Australians that native IPv6 connectivity is now more accessible than ever before. "With easy access for all our broadband customers, backed up by the network stability that Simtronic Technologies provides, we expect future growth of all IPv6 services to the Australian public", said Smelly Black Dog Director, Colleen Scafe. "We are one of the first providers in Australia to offer native ipv6 services to all customers, as well as Dual Stacked DNS, VoIP, Mail and Webservers. Our NOC Staff has worked with Simtronic Technologies to deliver a cost effective solution that has the real benefit of ipv6 access to all users regardless of size" All our servers can be reached easily via IPv6, said Ms C Scafe, "and the availability of the ipv6 connectivity with Simtronic Technologies allows for faster and more reliable access, wherever we are in the global village. While the need for IPv6 was growing and all internet users where generally well aware of ipv6, the problem that existed for many was knowing where to begin. Ms Scafe states we have put a lot of effort into making the connection to ipv6 as simple as possible, so we can offer ipv6 to any user with a compatible router/modem without any fuss." For more information on Smelly Black Dog, see: For more information on Simtronic Technologies, see: - END –

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