Do you have a Lean Roadmap?

By: The Improve Group  15-Aug-2012
Keywords: Training, Productivity, Process Improvement

Do you have a Lean Roadmap? 
Are you on track with your lean programs?

The answer is to have your ‘finger on the pulse’ of your goals and objectives, which include quality, cost, delivery, cashflow and profits. When you have a plan, work the plan and the plan will work. Do you have a plan for your lean initiatives?

To succeed in any business you need a 'Lean and a Financial Roadmap' to arrive a

t your 'Ultimate Destination'. Lean initiatives support the financial requirements to stay in business and should not be separated - successful lean companies know this, and engage all of their management team to live and breath the lean objectives of the business. Is your management and leadership team part of the lean initiative? Are they leading the way? Do you have a plan for your lean initiatives? 

Email Kim at [email protected] for more information.

Keywords: Continuous Improvement, Government Funding, Government Grants, Improve Group, Lean, Process Improvement, Productivity, Productivity Improvement, Training

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