Ionic Cleanse Detox

By: Family Chiropractic Care  02-Feb-2011
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 In our modern lifestyle, with today’s toxic environment, chemical and heavy metal residue, our dietary choices and lack of hydration we find our bodies largely in an acidic state. When acidic we are more prone to disease, we experience more allergies, mental and physical stress, tiredness and fatigue.

Remember how it feels when you walk along the beach or the feeling in the air after an electrical storm? This is because of the greater number of negatively charged ions you come in contact with in these situations. Negatively charged ions help to restore the alkalinity to our bodies.

The Ionic Cleanse Detox is a gentle non-invasive therapy that uses the latest technology in this field to create a foot bath environment for the body to absorb these negatively charged ions. During an Ionic Cleanse Detox treatment, a small electrode delivers a low level electrical current through the electrode that is placed in the water/foot bath. A reaction between this, and the salt added to the water to help conductivity and increase ionisation effect, generates positively and negatively charged ions. When the feet are placed in the water the interaction of the positive and negative ions helps adjust the acid alkaline balance and re-energises the body and helps the body to detox naturally.

Call today to book your 30 minute Ionic Cleanse Detox in the comfort of the Cleveland clinic.

Keywords: Family Chiropractic Care

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