Where to Position Your IP Video Surveillance Cameras in a Restaurant

Where to Position Your IP Video Surveillance Cameras in a Restaurant from Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Services

By: Brisbane Alarm Monitoring Security Services  24-Oct-2012
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The goal of this article is to help you get the best placements for your video IP security cameras in Brisbane-based restaurants,while reducing the number of cameras required and giving you a complete surveillance solution. There are 4 primary areas you should consider placing an IP security video camera: Entrances and Exits – By monitoring the entrance to your restaurant you will be able to quickly see if there is a line building up so you can be proactive with your customer service. I was recently standing in a queue at a local restaurant when they brought out trays of nibbles for the patrons in the queue. Now that was proactive customer service! Monitoring exits can help you reduce any “shrinkage” in the way of food being removed from the chillers by staff when they finish their shift and exit the building. Cash Registers – By placing an IP video camera focused on the cash registers you accomplish two things;first you remove any thoughts of “pinching” cash from the register by staff,but more importantly you are protecting your staff from a potential robbery by have the IP camera clearly visible to patrons. Kitchen – By placing an IP security camera in the kitchen,you can monitor cleanliness,productivity and also reduce shrinkage as well. The camera also acts as an OHS tool so if someone gets hurt by cutting themselves or falling you have a record of the event. Kitchens can also be highly stressed environments,so being able to see when the crew is “in the weeds”,you know when to increase or reduce staff numbers to offset the volume of orders. Dining Areas - Placing a surveillance camera on the dining areas also accomplish several things at once: * First you can monitor how your staff interacts with your patrons. * Secondly you can monitor any health and safety situations like when someone chokes or falls. * Thirdly,you can monitor how quickly or slowly the tables are being turned over,and if you have KPI’s around that metric,then the video cameras help you manage this requirement.

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