Private De-stress Meditations

Private De-stress Meditations from Shauna Teaken

By: Shauna Teaken  11-Apr-2011

Feeling stressed? What you need is a practical guided meditation with Meditation Expert Shauna Teaken.  No lotus position, yoga mats or easrtern mysticism.

Simple techniques you can use anytime to get clear, calm and focused.

This isn’t staring into a candle for an hour. Shauna talks you through simple yet effective steps – so you can relax, unwind and refresh. Afterwards, you’ll be able to use these steps at any time in your busy life.
You will receive a CD of guided meditations to use at home. 

Shauna’s sense of humour will also help along the way.

A relaxed, still mind  can be a real lifesaver in our stressful, busy world. Meditation is the key to getting it.

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