Love Vs Money

Love Vs Money from Shauna Teaken

By: Shauna Teaken  02-Mar-2011


  If 'Money' is just one of the ways energy is expressed in this reality....
...and love is another...
then how come both are so tied up with feelings like lack, guilt, and anxiety?

Could love & money be related?
Like money, until you're not getting enough of it in or giving too much of it out, love is maybe something you don't stress about. It's the lack of  that draws your attention. "Money" stands for? Work hard? Earn it? Luck?
What does "Love" stand for for you?

"What if having sufficient money flows to have the life you'd like, is the way the universe shows it's love, nurturing & support of you. Could you be refusing to be loved, cared for and nurtured?"

- Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness


Wait, wait, wait!
What, you mean... 
therefore MONEY = LOVE?

Doesn't that have shades of prostitution, selling love for money? 
Isn't the saying "The love of money is the root of all evil"?
So, what if the reverse were true? 

Allowing the easy flow of money to love, nurture and support you?

Oh my goodness! 

Or as Mae West used to say of her fabulous diamonds  "Honey, goodness had nothing to do with it." This is really a totally new way of looking at money flows. It  flows assimply a current of energy that has no inherent judgement of worth, worthiness or saintliness attached to it.

Like the air we breathe, perhaps money doesn't have to be earnt, slaved for or obsessed over at all....You just...breathe.
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