Break It Wide Open Positive Change Mentoring Program

Break It Wide Open Positive Change Mentoring Program from Shauna Teaken

By: Shauna Teaken  11-Apr-2011


Shauna Teaken is a highly experienced life guide with more than 30 years experience in assisting people to transform their lives. Her trademark approach of no-nonsense practicality and humour is uniquley blended with intuitive and energy sensing abilities which get to the core of why your life is not working quite as you'd like it to.
Whether it's financial, career, health or relationship issues - it can all be transformed if you're ready to see and do things differently.
Break It Wide Open Program
Duration: 4 weeks

We work together to transform your life with ease, joy and glory.

No lists, no goal setting, no limitations.

With that said, this program is highly practical. And we will be generating tangible results.

 It’s a bit like having a personal trainer to clear those energetic blocks that have been holding you back waaay too long.

 ·          Release all the unhelpful ‘baggage’ of your past

·          Dispel distraction and overwhelm

·          Get clear about your future direction

·          Have a manageable map to get you there

·          Experience success and fulfilment through what resonates with you

 "I connect you with the life you'd love to be living - and together, we clear whatever past experiences, limiting beliefs and self esteem issues prevent you having it."


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