Access the Bars Workshop

Access the Bars Workshop from Shauna Teaken

By: Shauna Teaken  01-Feb-2011

Access the Bars Workshops

What if there was an easy, enjoyable way to dissipate limiting beliefs, fears, traumas & behavioural problems?

What if it felt good to give and receive this technique, and it was a viable business modality, too?

Welcome to the ‘Bars’ bodywork!

The 'Bars' are the barriers, beliefs, fears that stop your life being as good as it could be. There are Bars points for money, control, creativity, body, sexuality, joy and more.

No prior bodywork or massage therapy experience is necessary to learn and successfully practice it. If you are already a therapist, however, Bars can be a wonderful compliment to your modality.

Find out why this bodywork technique is so popular, and how it can change your health, wealth and stress levels.

In this gentle hands-on process, the 32 Bars points on the head are lightly touched and held with the fingertips while the electro-magnetic charge is dissipated.

Running energy through the Bars points feels wonderful, but also frees up your energy, creativity, body, and your money flows.

You as the client simply relax for an hour of bliss while the stored energy is dissipated. As the practitioner, the same relaxing energy flows through you, and you are releasing, too. So you give a session, receive a session!

Once you've completed the one-day workshop, we have Bars Gift/Receive nights where you can come along and practice in a comfortable, fun atmosphere.

The Bars are 32 points on the head that are gently held to release the energy that is stored there. The brain is a capacitor - a device that holds an electrical charge. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions all have an electrical component.

Any time we we decide something is significant, important or should be held onto, we store it in our brain.

It's like a giant computer, and it has billions of years of considerations stuck in it.

Activating these points by allowing energy to flow through releases the electrical charge that holds all those thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions etc you have ever store in any and all lifetimes. This allows us to finally achieve the potential we've always known we had and yet had not been able to attain.
It also feels very, very good.

Your whole life can change from a Bars session.

Everytime you do a Bars session on someone else, all the considerations that they have that are like the ones you have go away at the same time. You give a session, you get a session, and if you do this as a practitioner, you get paid too.

In the one-day workshop, you learn how to give a Bars session and become a Bars practitioner. You can use it to assist family and friends or professionally.

You will receive and give two Bars sessions under full supervision during the day.

Anyone can learn and you can’t do it wrong.

There’s a manual, diagrams, lots of practice.

Bars was developed over 20 years ago by Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness.

The Bars workshop is $200, $100 to review, free for those under 16, and half price for 16-18 year olds.

Next Workshop:
Thursday 4th September 2014


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