Body and Mind Energy Transformation

Body and Mind Energy Transformation from Dominique DE GROOTE

By: Dominique DE GROOTE  05-Oct-2011
Keywords: Energy Healing, Well-Being

Reiki is a gentle hands-on process to heal body dysfunction, pain, soreness. This is also a deep relaxation process. Distant healing can be used for those who cannot attend a session or are away.

The bars are a new Energy Transformation modality that expands your life and generate new opportunities. This allows you to be in control of your life issues and to contribute to other people's life too. There are 32 Bars around the head, eg Money, Healing, Aging, Creativity, Body, Time and Space.... The facilitator gently touches points around the head to turn the energy on which clear these areas of your life that are causing you problems or getting you stuck. What would it take to get the life you really want and to be who you really are?
You can also learn the Bars. This is a one-day course and the investment is onlhy $200 to change your life and make a difference in other people's life as well.

The Energy Process called MTVSS is a modality to heal and boost your immune system and all your organs and body systems. It can be used on several areas of the body or only one. The energy will clear the body of all the traumas, fears, events, beliefs, concepts that are stuck in your cells and each area of your body and  causes diseases, dysfuntion, soreness, pain, recurrent infections, etc.

There are also Processes calles Vision correction, Hearing Correction and Sinus correction. This Energy Transformation modality is used to clear eyes, ears and sinuses from infection, pain, dysfunction and is used to improve sight and hearing too. What would it take to read without glasses, to hear and breath with ease? What would it take to be free of eyes, ears and sinuses discomfort or pain?

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Keywords: Energy Healing, Well-Being