Spiritual Healing guidance & sacred bodywork for health n wellbeing.

Spiritual Healing guidance & sacred bodywork for health n wellbeing. from Tanja Louise

By: Tanja Louise  07-Oct-2010

Spiritual healing is a form of energy healing working with the chakra and auric field energy around and within the body, it primarily responds to spirit heart a true healing need and intention that a person has. The spiritual healing is energetic heart centred and soul supportive for situations where a person feels lost in spirit or deflated or heartbroken or going through a time of despair or unknown zone or disruptive or destructive time or being exposed to some kind of stress trauma loss or lack of trust or low energy and dark knight of the soul time. It can feel like there is noone who can help and yet the spirit guides us to connect and book and step up for ourselves. It is care of the soul time focusing on true self care and awareness, positive affirmations, energy healing to clear blocks that stop you from accessing your true self, it is a time to receive and allow yourself to rebalance, for chakras to align and aura to clear and for your spirit to feel natural abundant and free again. healing seems to uplift and weave like a breathe of fresh air to expand and open your energy flow in place of shut down and inner turmoil. People experience feeling lighter, brighter and returning to their natural self, true elf awareness. It is grounding and allows a person to get clear grounded and in tune within and with daily life. Sometimes the life path throws us off track in daily life to give us a sign to align ourselves on path with our spirit our truth our natural self, heal within and renew who we are again. It can bring the calm to the chaos and turmoil inside and also allow peace centredness and inner harmony for clarity to flow through into daily life calmer clearer and better space and peace of mind to make a better choice in life, take steps with ease and grace rather than busy pushy hectic pace. Learn to reconnect your trueself and feel true in spirit inspire life again, there are many modalities and technique to assist a person in need of body mind and spirit healing. It is available by appointment and sessions can start from $180 for 75 minutes. If you book 2 hours it is $250 a special rate as it can take time to work in balance with body mind and spirit. The spirit healing can extend onto above body healing and crystal healing as well as sacred body energy healing massage to free blocks in the body like a physical and metaphysical intuitive healing medical massage, pure essential oils are added to oil formula as well as healing essence and a sacred space is created to assist you to heal. 15 minutes complimentary is gifted to ground your being still to assess your healing needs at the time. Tanja is a present time healer she will assist your body mind and spirit energy to rebalance and realign to ground in present time. It is a healing experience and an invitation for you to gift yourself and allow time to really heal and be grounded in spirit. The energy that realigns and rebalances to assist you in daily life is calm natural and light, it is your natural abundant self. You can also book phone healing reading or a distant healing, the timeframe and fee can be discussed at time of booking in. This is an invitation from spirit to align in body mind and soul, your spirit knows when you need to return 'home' to self. realign, re energise and renew you... trust your spirit knows ...follow your heart and allow peace of mind in present time, Namaste.

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