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By: David Richard Psychic Medium  14-Aug-2011
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David uses his unique abilities to connect with persons that have crossed over. The readings are deeply compelling and provide information with startling accuracy. David is very down-to-earth and sensitive to your needs, every reading is confidentiality assured.

David is a psychic medium. All mediums are psychic but not all psychic are mediums.
A psychic can perform a reading of past and future events through the ability to sense energies of a person or through using cards, stones etc.

These sensing abilities are called Clairaudience ability to hear. Clairvoyance ability to see visions. Clairsentience ability to feel. These are the 3 most common abilities used during a reading. A medium is an individual that can communicate with people that have crossed over. They are a channel for information relayed from spirit.

Each reading is different as it will be guided by the spirit, relaying information through David. Typically before you arrive, David starts channelling in to the spirit energies that surround you. The messages that your own spirit guides wish to convey will come through in the reading.

David is extremely accurate in the information and guidance from spirit during the reading. He prefers that you do not provide personal information but rather honestly answer the specific questions he asks with a simple yes or no to confirm the information coming through. This way you can rest assured that the information is coming from spirit and not from you!

David receives visual information from spirit in the form of pictures, letters, names, places and by interpreting this information is able to guide you with specific instances relating to your life. At times, spirit can be very persistent on the message they wish to convey to ensure you receive the guidance you need.

Over the years, many people have come to the readings feeling lost or confused with there life or simply trying to understand and seek answers.

After a reading it is usual to feel uplifted about a particular situation ,inspired and have a new positive outlook.

Each reading is recorded on cassette tape or a mp3 device and you are free to take notes if you wish. David is available for private and group readings, public speaking and spirit coaching. Personal readings are held on the south side of Brisbane.

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