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By: Brisbane Southside Computer Building & Repair Services  21-Jan-2013
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Im Ashley Kok and I run a computer building and hardware/software repair services from home. I am based on the Brisbane Southside around Carindale. I work for Umart, which is an I.T business based in Brisbane. I have 3 years of professional experience in working with Intel and AMD systems. I am certified to build PC system builds, maintenance such as cleaning and hardware stress testing and other services such as cable management and system performance upgrades. I do complete system builds to suit the customer budgets and needs. Different system builds that I have experience in range from basic/budget entry level systems to high end gaming/workstation computers. I will provide a system build quote to suit your budget and needs on request. Also provided is free professional advice on computer components to suit the customer needs and budgets. If you are interested, please contact me by email or call me on my mobile. Prices General Cleaning - $20 (basic dust cleaning,reapplying thermal paste to components in the system, cable management, tips on how to maintain your pc) System Reinstallation/ Repair - $20 (Operating system/ software reinstallation, hardware troubleshooting etc) System Hardware Upgrade - $35 ( new hardware component installation, updating software drivers etc) Full System Build Installation - $50 (System parts etc are bought by the customer ready for me to assemble.) ( Built and ready to be collected within 5 working days) (Complete hardware installtion, Operating System install with the Operating system provided by you, Cable management, 100% stability/stress testing with hardware provided with an optional Overclock to increase system performance (dependant on hardware) etc. Recommended place to buy the best priced computer parts/RMA/warranty replacements on the spot: The pictures are of customer builds I have completed, done upgrades for and general maintenance( cable management, hardware trouble shooting) in the past month. I have also included a link of a recent customer build for your viewing.

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