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By: Best Practise Coaching  29-May-2014
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Why we are offering this program 1.We have honestly been there – all of the points we made above, we have struggled with and felt the pain. However we have learned to overcome each and everyone, but it took time, education and determination. We have been sponges over the years, attending all the training we could, having coaching ourselves and soaking up and actioning every tiny piece of relevant information. 2.Another really important reason why we are offering this program is that we are really frustrated and saddened with the lack of marketing training and support in our industry. The colleges and universities that teach Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition etc include almost no training on how to take the knowledge you have gained and turn it into a business that provides you with a decent living. Did you know that less than 5% of the huge number of students that finish their degree or diplomas actually earn a living from the large investment of time and money they put into gaining their professional knowledge in the health industry? So many smart well qualified practitioners have to take employment working in health food stores for $20 per hour. Is it any wonder they give up and move into another career? 3.Whilst we don’t want to focus on the negative, our industry is well known for its high level of burn out and dropout rates among practitioners struggling to build a practice. Most practitioners tend to give so much of themselves, but hardly ever receive the level of financial reward to compensate. 4.There are a number of coaches offering their services to our industry, but the ones we know of are not practicing naturopaths. Many of them are teaching systems centred on selling high priced packages. If you are like us, you may be uncomfortable with this option. We believe in charging your worth, but not to the point of excluding everyone except the wealthy from taking up your services. If you have ever checked out these coaching fees you will know their charges are extremely high making it difficult for any new small business to afford. We promise to offer you the best value coaching available and we will teach you how to build you and your practice with development training, ideas, concepts and detailed systems that have worked for us and that are current and practical. 5.Finally we believe the main issue is that when it comes to a profitable naturopathic business, it has little to do with how much knowledge you have in your skill set as a practitioner. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to be outstanding at what you do. Many clients will be attracted to you and will come. Far more important, however, is how you MARKET yourself. There are certain skills and expertise you need to know/learn. If you have your own private practice, in a clinic set up or you are working from home, let me tell you, there is no way around it. There needs to be a balance of at least 50% practitioner skills and the other 50% is an entrepreneur skill

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