Top 8 reasons people want a flexible work arrangement

By: Flex Able Jobs  15-Apr-2016
Keywords: Retirement, Carer, Health Concern

Peter Farquhar from Business Insider wrote a great piece about Flex Able Jobs called “8 reasons why you and your employer should talk about a flexible work arrangement.” “Those employers viewing flexible work just as a ‘mum returning to work’ option are simply going to get left behind in the race for talent,” Phillips said. The top 8 reasons: 1. Spending more time with family. 2. A healthy body. 3. A healthy mind. 4. An alternative to retirement. 5. To work on a side project. 6. Reduce or eliminate the commute. 7. Health reasons or caring for someone with health concerns. 8. Because you can. Spending more time with family

Keywords: Carer, Health Concern, Healthy Mind, Retirement, Slow to Retirement