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By: EverGreen Life  09-Nov-2013
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The benefits of olive tree leaves' OLIVE TREE LEAVES’ EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS Olive tree is the foundation plant of the mediterranean diet and it has recently been rediscovered all over the world. We use olives and oil for consumption but it has been scientifically proven that in the leaves can be found the vast majority of active principles. In the last ten years more than 40 University and Medical studies have been conducted on the properties of olive tree leaves. But why is olive tree so extraordinary? Olive trees live for centuries without any particular cure and they can be transplanted without any problem. There is no other plant with these characteristics. Why? Because olive trees are rich in a particular substance, oleuropein, a bitter glucoside. Oleuropein can be found in large quantities in olive tree leaves. Hydrolisis of oleuropein generates molecules that are very important for our health: Elenolic Acid, Hydroxytyrosol and Rutin. OLIVUM® , the exclusive olive tree leaves’ water infusion, the active principle of all products, is rich in Elenolic Acid, Hydroxytyrosol and Rutin. It has been scientifically proven in studies made in vitro and in vivo that these molecules have the following effects: They are among the most powerful antioxidants and antiradicals existing in nature They improve blood circulation and they are good for the heart They regulate arterial pressure They metabolize lipids and carbohydrates They reduce blood sugar and blood fat, they lower cholesterol They eliminate fatigue and reduce the need of sleep because, having a vasodilatatory and blood fluidifying action, they support oxygen supply to the peripheral system and to the brain They strengthen the immunitary system They have an antibacterial, antiviral and antimicotic function They are diuretic and they purify the organism In the official Italian Pharmacopoeia, list of plants accepted by the Ministry of Health, we read: Olive tree leaves:”Metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates. Normal blood circulation. Regularity of arterial pressure. Antioxidant.”. After years of experiments we selected olive tree leaves, of certified origin, absolutely natural, totally free of chemical additives, coming from age-old trees of a particular “cultivar” very rich in oleuropein. These leaves, through a unique process, generate an olive tree leaves’ water infusion rich in very healthy active principles: OLIVUM®, the active principle of all our products. OLIVUM®contains: OLEUROPEIN: 2656 mg/liter HYDROXYTIROSOL: 213 mg/liter TYROSOL: 174 mg/liter ELENOLIC ACID: 1393 mg/liter RUTIN: 237 mg/liter ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITYy: TEAC (Trolox Equivalents Antioxidant Capacity) expressed in IC50=concentration able to reduce absorbence of 50% of 18.9 ul/ml Antiradical activity: determined through DPPH on OLIVUM® decoction has been noticed an IC50= concentration able to reduce absorbence of 50% of 23.8 ul/ml These values have been verified by the University of Trieste, Italy, Faculty of Pharmacy, through HPCL and HPCL-MS, referred to an OLIVUM® sample produced on 15/06/2010. Analysis have been carried out 6 months after production. Being OLIVUM® a natural olive tree leaves’ water infusion, made with olive tree leaves, values may vary according to variations in climate, year and time of leaves harvest.

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