Html and Flash websites, what are they? Pros n Cons

Html and Flash websites, what are they? Pros n Cons from Ru's Web Development  - Web Design Brisbane

By: Ru's Web Development - Web Design Brisbane  28-Oct-2010
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HTML WEBSITES are basically websites that are not animated, they are the first type of websites that were created. HTML is the computer language used to create the visual aspect of the site, for instance <br> would put a space between paragraphs.

The good thing about HTML websites is the loading time, they load very fast because there's no animation for your connection to download. All in all HTML websites are very good, and you will find there a lot cheaper then the newer types of websites available today.

.Load quicker
.Easy to make one.
.Can generate leads for your business
.Not as spectacular compared to flash.
.Limited in things you can do

FLASH WEBSITES are sites that include animation, they can combine both HTML and FLASH, usually sites done this way have a Flash animated header which displays your menu and company name or some moving logo etc, and down the bottom will be the text area..

Some sites are totally animated, when you click a link the page may brake apart and reform, or fade away into the next one, all kinds of crazy stuff, it looks very cool, but often cost a lot more then standard HTML sites.

.Looks extremely cool
.Can make your business look very professional
.Easier to edit.
.Can be more interactive for your visitor.
.Can generate leads for your business
.Can be very expensive
.Loading time can be an issue. (Not very often because of the fast connections today)
.Risk of not loading at all. (Person viewing the site must have flash installed on there system)

At the end of the day, not having a website is worse then all these cons. HTML or Flash sites are both great ways to promote your business but hopefully this article can give you some insight and help you decide which to go with.

Have some spare time? pop on over to my website to see the HTML and FLASH sample sites I have created, and you be the judge.

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