Robotic Pool Cleaners the Auotmatic Revolution

Robotic Pool Cleaners the Auotmatic Revolution from Placid Pools

By: Placid Pools  10-Sep-2012
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The future of pool cleaning is here so don't be left behind, join the Robot revolution and make life easier for yourself. The advantages of Robotic or Automatic pool cleaners. Environmental - Reduction in energy costs as you are not relying on your Filter as the driving force of your cleaner. Most suction cleaners need the pools filtration system to run at higher speeds, negating any savings from the use of variable speed Eco pumps. Less maintenance - Robotic cleaners vacuum and trap pool debris in self contained compartments or bags, this saves excessive backwashing or rinsing of the pools filters, which is required when using suction cleaners. Total pool cleaning - These cleaners are also equipped with brushes, so not only do they vacuum the floors and walls, they also scrub the actual surfaces, keeping it looking in peak condition for longer. Clear water for swimming - Robotic cleaners improve water circulation plus there are no hoses to avoid while swimming. Perfect for time poor people - Robotic cleaners clean the entire pool including walls and steps in a matter of a few hours all you have to do is place it in the pool and it will do the rest. Call Placid Pools for more information on the next generation of pool cleaners.

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