By: KeyCall Centres  02-Jun-2016
Keywords: Email Marketing, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation

Database Refreshment Our aim is to provide our clients with a service that produces fresh, quality, qualified leads. Old or inaccurate leads waste valuable time and money and can be damaging to your professional image. Fresh, quality leads are the tools that our marketing technicians utilize to enable them to produce bookings efficiently and freshen up your existing database. Our system quite often secures appointments through database refreshing alone. Lead Generation & Appointment Setting This service provides a lot more than the ‘one phone call, not interested, see you later’ approach that seems so common. We operate using a ‘ no now, does not necessarily mean no next time’ approach, whilst still protecting your image and integrity. If a lead is too busy at the time of calling, not ready to talk just yet, not interested at the moment, or is unable to book at the time of calling, we will endeavour to keep this lead active by arranging another time more suitable for us to call. Your fresh, quality leads are a valuable commodity – and we treat them that way. By us managing your customer relationships, the chance of leads falling through the cracks, decreases dramatically. It is to the mutual benefit of both the client and to ourselves that we place our best effort into each and every call that we make.

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