Chi Kung Training

Chi Kung Training from Chinese Meditation

By: Chinese Meditation  23-Mar-2011
Keywords: Martial Arts, Meditation, Spiritual Healing


Chinese meditation is known by many different variations of the same basic name - Chi Kung, Chi Gong, Qi Gung, Qi Kung are a few of the ways a person can pronounce the meditation practices happening throughout China

Whether practising Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Buddhism, Daoism, Acupressure the basic principals of Chi Kung radiate through - and in China all people have a basic knowledge of some form of Chi (life force) Kung (breathing).

Originally flowing out of Daoism and Daoist practices the principals of Chi Kung gently take breath meditation to the extreme of what it is capable of. Sitting and standing meditations are practised, and coupled throughout is multitudes of guided meditations and metaphorical conscious & unconscious journeys which are all experienced with specific goals in mind. 

Keywords: Chi Kung, Martial Arts, Meditation, Psychic Services, Qi Gong, Qi Kung, Spiritual Healing, Tai Chi,