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By: Universal Trading Strategies  26-Aug-2014
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Investors in these uncertain economic times are looking for stability and predictability when they decide to invest extra dollars. The industry that is being talked about is the sports industry, a multi billion dollar industry. The subject of financial investment is such a wide and varied area. We all know (or should know), that investing surplus funds is a sound idea; nothing new there. If you make the decision to invest, what investment options do you have? Property - unit, house, holiday house, commercial property, a managed property investment fund etc. Shares - stock options, different stock investment sectors such as small capitalisation mining companies, international or local share funds etc. Fixed Interest - bonds, convertible notes, fixed deposits etc The above are your major investments categories in which you may be looking to invest. These are the 'traditional' type of investments however there are other investment areas which are just as, or more profitable than your main 'stable' of investment options. These alternative investment options include tree crops, vintage cars, wines, art, other collectables and also sports betting and horse racing! As the majority of people do not understand the betting industry, they generally scoff at the idea of sports/horse race betting as a legitimate investment option. That is because they have only been exposed to one side of the business, the entertainment side. Of course gambling is generally painted in an ordinary light in the media where it is linked to family break downs and suicides. The perception among those who haven't been enlightened is that if you bet often, you must have a gambling problem! "If the truth be known many who play the stock market are the biggest gamblers around." They are never labelled gamblers, nor do they believe that they are gambling because their gambling vehicle is not horses but shares in companies. They like to think of their random and uneducated decisions as being an 'investment' rather than a bet. In this light, it is OK to lose money because 'it is an investment'. Many are simply betting on the price of a share just the same as an uneducated sports bettor who makes a decision on the likely outcome of a game. I believe the reason to why more aren't successful in gambling is that the majority of punters have no idea what they are up against. They believe that they can beat the game with no specific specialized knowledge. There is a price you have to pay to gain the knowledge and experience required to become successful. This is very similar for both traditional investment advisers and also in the gambling field. Some advisers are better than others, as are some investments and some investment funds are better than others. Some investment funds make excellent returns for their clients however, on the other hand, the majority can't even beat the average based on the returns of the 'All Ords' index!

Keywords: Universal Trading Strategies Racing, Universal Trading Strategies Sports, Utscorp Racing, Utscorp Sports,

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