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The Quit Smoking Guru from My Success Club

By: My Success Club   05-Jul-2011
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My Success Club™ delivers Australia’s most highly successful and effective Quit Smoking program (The Quit Smoking Guru®) extensively researched by some of the most talented authorities in the smoking cessation industry from around the world.

The Quit Smoking Guru® program signifies a significant breakthrough in dealing effectively with a smoker’s habit using one of the most powerful systems on the market today

The Quit Smoking Guru® program delivers the most effective and cutting edge technologies that make quitting smoking easy using advanced Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming and suggestion therapy.

The program not only facilitates changes and reprograms your unconscious mind in becoming a non smoker but also provides you with strategies and techniques to replace your old behaviours and triggers, thereby ensuring you not only quit but you stay a STRONG and CONFIDENT non-smoker permanently for life.

The program effectively allows you to Quit Smoking in as little as one or two sessions achieving an astonishing 98% success rate with committed clients and is backed up by our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

After years of extensive research Head Quit Guru, Clinton J Carter from My Success Club™ has developed a cutting edge program that truly identifies significant patterns that are linked emotionally to cigarettes.Most people never think about smoking ever again, closing that old chapter forever. This program literally re-boots your mind in becoming a non-smoker again..

Our program really does make it easy to Quit Smoking and is complemented by a comprehensive support system so that you stay a non smoker permanently for life.

The system changes the way the mind operates it’s beliefs, behaviours and identities with smoking. Your unconscious mind is reprogrammed to become a non-smoker again, where your actions and behaviours are permanently changed to support your new decision.

We effectively cut the emotional link between you and cigarettes.

By using a combination of well researched and tested smoking cessation techniques we are able to deliver a program that continually out performs most other methods. With the most cutting edge Hypnosis, NLP; belief reframing and suggestion therapy in the industry the program easily breaks through the barriers and closes the door to smoking forever.

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