By:  29-Sep-2011
Keywords: Employment, Recruitment, Human Resources helps job advertisers protect their online privacy and security and collect and manage job applications when they advertise a job. It does this by replacing the email address in a job ad with a unique reply link for that job. When job seekers click on that link they are guided through a secure application process. Job Advertisers can then view that job application online and use JOBREPLY's special features to help select the best people. helps protect job advertisers because they no longer have to publish their email address which could make them a target for scammers. It also helps them avoid the hassle and possible danger of dealing with an inbox full of attachments. also provides a brilliant range of tools including GlobalView which lets advertisers view and compare applicants with each other. also includes an inbuilt messaging system which helps job advertisers communicate quickly and securely with each job applicant.

Keywords: Employment, Employment Application, Hr Services, Human Resources, Job Advertising, Recruitment