Lorna Jane 100kW 400 Panel Solar System

Lorna Jane 100kW 400 Panel Solar System from Green Spark Electrical & Solar Qld

By: Green Spark Electrical & Solar Qld   03-Jun-2014

AUSTRALIA’S activewear queen Lorna Jane Clarkson has gone into solar farming, creating one of the state’s largest private sector rooftop installations. Lorna Jane chief executive Bill Clarkson confirmed a $250,000 spend on 400 solar panels for the firm’s headquarters, capable of generating 100kW of power — about two-thirds of the building’s electricity needs. Industry analyst Warwick Johnston, of Sunwiz, said the number of private firms installing solar panels was expected to double this year, driven by their lower cost of them and higher electricity charges. “It’s a significant trend,” he said. “It used to be that residential solar power was where it was all happening and really only 5 per cent going on in businesses. It’s now the case that 15 per cent are going on businesses. “It’s tripled in three years and we expect it to double this year,” he said. Green Spark director Paul Caisley, subcontracted to install the Solar Edge system, said the system for Lorna Jane, was the biggest his firm had done yet. “I am starting to see a bit of a turn towards the commercial side. It’s a big investment that companies have to think through. It’s definitely worth it,” Mr Caisley said. Lorna Jane plans to move to 100 per cent solar power as soon as its airconditioning systems were restructured. “We have more than 100 employees working at head office, so to be able to offset our energy usage will make a big difference,” Ms Clarkson said

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