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Successful pursuit of  massage, health & fitness from Bundaberg Massage Therapy & Successful Pursuit of health & fitness

By: Bundaberg Massage Therapy & Successful Pursuit of health & fitness  15-Nov-2011
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 Helping active people stay active and full of life .S.P Massage  has a range Of different treatments from de-stressing that tired over worked mind and body ...To Deep tissue treatments to help sporting & active people . When it comes to highly active people who train for exciting goals and success ,every ones muscles need relaxing and placing on a regular basis. With regular balanced programs your performance will be at its best .We do Hip alignments With Stretching and aligning your body. We Use Fire cupping to help with the relief of pinched nerves , Or deep tissue muscle treatments. Fire Cupping seems to be beneficial for people who suffer from I.B.S and organ infections also. I am a qualified therapist through the Australian Institute of applied sciences .successful pursuit is always learning and upgrading its skills and knowledge to further help the communities well-being.
So when it comes to the fitness program this is what you can expect from Successful Pursuit. We start off with your consultation... Which includes assessing your bodies well being. 1. Weight management ... 2. Measurements... 3.An assessment of your bodies physical abilities. 4. History checks on present or past injuries or conditions that may effect your ability to complete certain physical tasks in the program. 5.You will have the whole program explained to you in detail of what you will be doing and how this will change you for a better road ahead...This also gives you time to think about the requirements and commitments you will have to make. 6.You may have some bad addictions you want out of your life and you just need that support and right program to accomplish it. And of course getting to meet each other one on one is always a nervous meeting for anyone who wants to make a better life for themselves ... you want to make sure you are comfortable with your personal trainer . That this is the right move for you before you make the commitment to yourself to Progress forwards with Successful Pursuits program. Our programme is an out door based environment with activities in small groups  to give opportunities for new friendships and new perspectives with lifestyle changes which develop through out the duration of the program.
..Gain control...
Be rid of addictions
Believe in your self...
 Stop dreaming and just be it and more ...
 With my program for a successful change in Body,mind,soul and life style you really do see the world in a different light.

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