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By: MaxwithMargi  01-Dec-2012
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MaxATP3 - Clean Cellular Energy Clean Cellular Energy Energize your cells, energize your body with MaxATP™, the first energy drink in the world powered by RiboCeine™. Only MaxATP gives your body what it needs to produce sustained and consistent energy at the cellular level while also fighting against free radicals generated in the production of ATP. ATP in our bodies is like the battery in a car. When the battery power runs low, the lights in the car begin to dim and the performance of the car starts to suffer. However, when the battery power is re-charged or restored, performance returns to normal. MaxATP does what other energy drinks can't because of RiboCeine, a breakthrough compound exclusive to Max International which provides key benefits tied to cellular energy. Energy Beyond the Boost Unlike other energy drinks that yield a short-term boost and little else, MaxATP provides a sustained source of energy by supporting the body's natural cellular production of ATP in three unique ways: 1. Fuels ATP production in the cells by providing the necessary nutrients, including optimal amounts of ribose.* 2. Replenishes energy and fights fatigue by helping your body convert food into energy. Optimal amounts of ATP help you feel less fatigued.* 3. Neutralizes free radicals. Only MaxATP can provide RiboCeine to assist your body in the production of glutathione, which helps to neutralize free radicals created during ATP production.*

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     This product makes other nutrients in the body work better, so you need less because it raises the energy in the cell.

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