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Hi Craig, 
 Amazing honestly -- It really makes you think about who you are and what you need to do to improve your life.  I haven't shown a close friend as yet but I will.  I feel this a very accurate reading and I thank you for the time you have taken to complete it.   Amazing you picked up on the guilt I have been looking after some peoples horses and their dog went missing, yes and I felt very bad. It is so true I do have times when my confidence is low and I think I boost myself up with self talk.  I think most friends and family would say I am not moody, I feel it is that I get a bit flat at times but if I get out and take the dogs for a walk or do some gardening it boosts me up. So true I do live day to day maybe because in my personal life things have been so unpredictable, I need to change this. I did feel I had almost left the past behind, I would definitely like to know more about the :"Grapho-therapy" if this can help me to improve and live a more positive life.  Craig thank you again and I will definitely pass you email address on to others. Have a fabulous day -- Kate
 Hi Craig

It`s Mandy. I believe your analysis to be very accurate I just thought I would mention some of the traits you identified that I found to be particularly true for me.

     *  I have endured traumatic situations without being seriously affected. I had a very dysfunctional childhood which I feel I have dealt with quite well. Also I do not hold a grudge & get over emotional upsets easily.

     *  Yes I do learn way faster through demonstration, especially if I can be hands on & have a go myself, rather than instructions which often leave me confused.

     *  I am a slow thinker & often come up with what I should have said after the incident is over.

      *  I do not tend to admit my true feelings early – I think this is a defense mechanism to prevent getting hurt or embarrassed.

      *  Yes I am sensitive to criticism about my ideas – I don’t like to appear stupid.

      *  Both my parents have been deceased for a long time & I was not emotionally close to either of them.

      *  I am an optimistic person – my cup is definitely half full.

      *  Signature. I have no attachment to my last name, it is my ex-husbands that I kept because it is the last name of my children & I have no attachment to my maiden name.

       I hope this feedback is useful. Feel free to contact me if you want clarification on anything.

       Thank you analyzing my writing I found the process very interesting. Mandy

Hi Craig,
Thank you so much for these analyses. It was so great to meet you yesterday as well. We will both definitely be telling many people about your business.
We are both amazed at what you can find out from our handwriting.  Thank you for making our Saturday at work very interesting! 
Thank you so much again, we will both be crossing our "T's" higher from now on.  Julie and Amelia :) 

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