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By: Web2Grow  09-Mar-2016
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Think of your website like a large funnel, guiding visitors through to your ultimate goal – usually a phone call, contact form, or email. Along the way, you’ll lose traffic for reasons unknown – people may get bored, find it hard to get the information they want, or just not like the look of your site.
In fact, for most small business websites online today 40% of visitors will bounce (leave on the first page they visited) and 90% will leave after their second page – without converting to a lead.

Fixing conversion is easy, but takes skill and an optimisation system that breaks a page down into concrete areas that might be affecting conversion, then rigorously testing alternatives to find an optimum, and then restructuring the website to move more visitors to a conversion event faster. It’s not uncommon to see 200%-400% improvements in conversions after optimisation.

Convert More Visitors To Leads:
Dramatically lift both short term and long term lead conversion by optimising all aspects of your website early on in its life. As websites grow and as investment in lead generation increases, the reward becomes dramatic with far lower cost per lead and better online competitivenes

Understand The Factors That Drive Conversion:
Optimisation requires rigorous experimentation with the key aspects of individual pages and site structure. Things like headlines, images, colours, content, calls to action, placement and sizing all affect visitor behaviour and conversion events. Once this understanding is gained, it is a durable benefit that can be reused on all pages and content, enabling long term website success.

Improve Visitor Retention & Site Relevance:
Gain a boost to visitor engagement by optimising the time they spend on site. Gain a boost in search engine rankings and adword ranking since one of the signals google uses to determine site relevance is time spent on site. Visitors that are engaged longer, and convert more, help in demonstrating the value of your website to search engines.

Build Better Content:
In the effort to optimise, more and better site content is written – content that people find more appealing, talks to their need better, and establishes authority and trust. Developing better content is an indicator of leading web properties and a great outcome of any conversion optimisation effort.

Maximise Your Investment In Lead Generation:
For sites with moderate to large budgets in lead generation, especially SEO, there is often a massive return to be made by spending a small fraction of the lead generation budget on lead conversion work. Existing investments in paid lead generation or organic traffic generation can be leveraged many times over by drastically reducing cost per lead.

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