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By: Sitdropstay  18-Jul-2012
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Sitdropstay was created by Director and Head Trainer, George Lygidakis in response to an urgent need to improve the quality of dog training and knowledge of canine behaviour, that is available to the Australian public. We feel too many dogs are discarded, destroyed, locked away or lead a poor quality of life due to a lack of understanding, misinformation, misdiagnosis and poor training. Dogs are often turned away from obedience clubs because they don’t fit into their particular training system and are classed untrainable. Also many dogs are currently great at doing “tricks” for treats at obedience clubs but are unmanageable and unstable at home or in public. We are amazed at the number of families and relationships that are under unnecessary stress and tension due to their lack of understanding of canine behaviour and dog training. In the majority of cases one or two consultations is all that is required to address the problem.

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Other products and services from Sitdropstay

Citronella Bark Collars from Sitdropstay thumbnail

Citronella Bark Collars

*Innotek Spray Collar ($109.00) - Vibration and microphone sensor, battery operated, low spray and battery indicator. *Petsafe Little Dog Spray ($169.00)- Ideal for miniature or small breeds.

Collars and Leads from Sitdropstay thumbnail

Collars and Leads

"Collars and Leads" Slip Collars - ($12.00) 25mm poly, ideal check chain replacement. Slip Collar Leads Slip Leads - ($18.00) 25 mm poly, convenient collar and leash in one.

Remote Citronella Spray Dog Training Collars from Sitdropstay thumbnail

Remote Citronella Spray Dog Training Collars

1. Petsafe Spray Trainer - Waterproof and rechargeable, up to 250m range, 2 tone and 4 levels of spray correction. 2. Innotek Spray Commander - Waterproof, replaceable batteries, unscented or citronella spray, 85m range, 1 tone and 2 levels of spray correction.

Behaviour Problems from Sitdropstay thumbnail

Behaviour Problems

Are you enjoying your relationship with your dog? Does your dog frustrate or embarrass you? Has the enjoyment gone from your walks? Are you fed up with aggressive, destructive, hyperactive or obsessive behaviour? Imagine reclaiming your life, home and yard, and being able to take your dog anywhere without worrying about their behaviour. A more enjoyable and rewarding relationship with your dog is just a phone call away. Sitdropstay’s revolutionary dog behaviour system makes rehabilitating pro

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Obedience Training

Sitdropstay’s obedience training will empower you to have control of your dog and create the behaviour you expect from them, in all situations. We offer a simple and natural approach that both empowers you and respects your dogs dignity, while helping to maintain their calm, stable natural state of mind. You will be amazed at how quickly your dog will becomes willing to do what you ask. Let us show you how to communicate with your dog naturally and easily and achieve the relationship and behavio

Viatec Super Barkstop from Sitdropstay thumbnail

Viatec Super Barkstop

($119.00) .0015m range, weather resistant, battery operated, suitable for sensitive dogs, ideal for neighbours dogs.