Separation Anxiety Can Kill – SitDropStay Explains The Need To Understand Your Dog

Separation Anxiety Can Kill – SitDropStay Explains The Need To Understand Your Dog from Sitdropstay

By: Sitdropstay  08-Feb-2013
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The panic and aggression brought about by separation anxiety among dogs have proven to be the causes of many cases of dog attacks in the past years. George Lygidakis, SitDropStay Head Trainer and Director, talks about how the unfortunate cases can be prevented with the right dog training in Brisbane. December 3, 2012 – Recent data shows that this year, the number of Australians being admitted to health care facilities for the reason of canine attacks has almost doubled. Professional canine handler from SitDropStay George Lygidakis believes that this burdensome medical caseload brought about by man’s best friend could have been prevented if their behaviour was given more attention, understanding, and control. Just like human beings, pets also have their own personal and psychological issues. Separation anxiety is a condition that gets triggered whenever canines are separated from their owners. “They feel insecure when that person isn’t with them. They’re addicted to the attention, the stimulation, the affection, or sometimes even the unhealthy emotional connection. They’ve lost control of that person or may even fear for that person’s safety,” Lygidakis explains. Whenever they are left alone, they tend to display disruptive and destructive behaviour that can cause harm to others. Common initial symptoms include whining, salivation, pacing, howling, barking, chewing, scratching, urinating, defecating, or digging. The moment the anxieties peak, self-harm, destruction of properties, and aggression towards others occur. In order to tackle this problem and guarantee the safety of the canine and those around it, Lygidakis suggests both short- and long-term solutions. “Short-term solutions to stop the symptoms include a safe and sheltered environment, bark collars, doggie day care, a house sitter if you’re going away, thunder shirts, a radio for calming background noise, or toys or clothes that have your scent.” In order to permanently address the problem, he adds that “a long-term solution to deal with the root cause should be implemented.” In a dog’s psychological state, owners are considered as their pack leaders. If an owner could not meet this role, Lygidakis says that unnecessary stresses and anxieties are brought about, adding, “I find that the most common cause is when a weak canine has become the pack leader through excessive affection or attention, or a lack of rules or boundaries. These canines need constant attention from you to confirm their status and will panic when you leave.” Shaping the canine’s mind set is critical. “As pack leader, you should ensure that you create composed behaviour before you leave and when you arrive home. Be collected and self-assured, and give no affection until your pet is calm and passive. Leaving or arriving in an emotional, anxious or excited state is not the behaviour of a leader, and it creates anxiety in your pet.” In order to get professional guidance in dealing with pets and to achieve the best behaviour for canines, owners may invest on dog training in Adelaide. Visit for more advice and information. "About SitDropStay" Sitdropstay is premium home training and behaviour company for dogs in Australia that offers a natural, and holistic approach in dealing with canines. It is comprised of a team of experts that offer a tested and proven approach to both correcting unwanted behaviour and rehabilitating dogs with problems. The company guarantees clients with effective, immediate, and lasting results. They currently offer dog training in Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Cairns. George Lygidakis, Sitdropstay’s Head Trainer and Director is the featured Dog Behaviourist on the “All About Animals” TV show that is airing currently on Australia’s Foxtel and Commercial TV.

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