Beach Party at you next woodfired pizza party

Beach Party at you next woodfired pizza party from Roam'In Pizza-Woodfired Pizza Brisbane

By: Roam'In Pizza-Woodfired Pizza Brisbane  14-Jun-2012
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If your considering having a beach party theme for your next party you might like to consider some party games, these can be divided up into land games and water games.

Games on Land

Now certainly with beach party games being hosted close to water, you cannot help it when you get wet from the ocean sprays. Nevertheless, such games are enjoyed on the beach rather than the water for more fun. You can instead go for the traditional beach game such as volleyball, Frisbee and the very interesting coconut bowling. When it comes to volleyball, it is imperative to consume a lot of water to prevent dehydration and to keep warm and prevent injuries. Remember that the soft sand can influence your ability to run and return the ball.

One game that is always fun at beach party theme celebrations is a Frisbee competition. Form teams with two people on each team. Be sure the teams have one adult with each child. The idea of this game is to accumulate the most points by knock over sand-filled plastic bottles within a specified amount of time. You can use the same sand-filled bottles to play coconut bowling. The bottles will serve as the pins and a coconut is used as the bowling ball. This is one of those beach party theme ideas you will be glad you incorporated. Your guests will love it.

Celebrations with a beach party theme are simply not complete if no relay games are played. Some popular games are the turtle relay (participants use their chins to push eggs into a hole in the sand), or Poop the Potato.

Beach Party Theme Games to Play on Water

Water games involve players getting wet at any or all portions of the game. You can alter some of the land-based games to include the water setting such as:

1. Organize a relay game that uses a bottle. Participants will race to the shore, passing the bottle to the next runner, just like a normal relay race. The team that reaches the shoreline first wins the game. Children can play, but its best to put them toward the end of the line so they don't get too tired.

2. Water balloon competitions are superb beach party games. Rather than filling water balloons, the player must fill empty water balloons with water, which are then stored on land. The team that has the largest amount of filled water balloons wins.

As far as the prizes go, make sure you choose a prize that both the children and adults will like. You can award prizes like sunscreen and sunglasses to the adults and candies or little toys for the children. If you decide to award naughty prizes to the adults at this beach party themed celebration, be sure they are hidden from the children.


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