Ouija and Talking Boards Board

Ouija and Talking Boards Board from Metaphysical Supplies

By: Metaphysical Supplies  08-Dec-2010
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A far cry from the traditional cardboard game board, this fantastic piece provides for you a wonderful tool for divination. Consisting of separate pieces, the set contains a sculpted base of cold cast resin, a glass plate for the pointer to slide upon, and the pointer itself which is also crafted of cold cast resin.

The base, carved to portray all of the letters of the English alphabet and the numbers 1-0, as well as "yes," "no," and "bye" answers, has been elaborately sculpted to appear as though it were carved from a rounded block of wood. Within this you will also find an interwoven frame of vines and ivy which creates the circle for an interwoven pentacle. Within this you will find, similarly entwined, the arching sweep of a crescent moon and a black cat, that sits within the moon and star with a pentacle pendant hanging from its neck. This whole base measures approximately 14 1/2" in diameter and 2 1/4" in height, including the four pillars that rise from its corners to support the glass plate.

This circular plate measures approximately 14 1/4" in diameter to create a smooth, clear surface upon which the pointer can slide to answer your questions. The pointer, measuring approximately 5 1/2" long and 3 1/2" wide, has been sculpted of cold cast resin to portray the branching roots and limbs of the Tree of Life; a powerful symbol to help point the way to the answers to your questions.

Time honored and riddled with magical symbolism, it is sure to be a powerful tool for your divination, spirit summoning and other such rituals.

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